Option to force stems for dyads?

I have a client that is requesting all dyads in the bass clef to be stems-down if they share stems. That would mean the circled notes in the following example would be flippedstems-down:

I dislike it, but it’s what they want. Is there a setting that would accomplish this? Or a fool-proof way to quickly change each file, aside from visually scanning and flipping each one?

I think running the following sequence of actions (which you could do as a macro or script) should do it:

  1. Select lower staff.
  2. Filter Up-stem Voice 1.
  3. Switch Filter to Deselect.
  4. Filter (Top Note or) Single Notes. (or “Bottom Note or Single Notes”, or whatever - it’s the single notes you’re aiming to deselect).
  5. Force Stem Direction Down.
  6. (Set Filter back to Select)

You’ll need to watch out for situations in which Tenors split, though.

Ah, perfect. I can set that up as a macro. Thanks Leo.