Option to move the selected audio events onto a new track below the current selected track

I do a lot of taking an audio event and moving it onto a new track for either similar processing chain - tweak values - maybe add or remove a plugin.

Typically this is all cool dragging it all the way to the bottom of the track view - a duplicate of the track settings will be made with the audio event on it.

However sometimes you don’t want to drag this down 3 pages of tracks and you want to make one right under the track you are editing.

OR even just a way to use the selected track and then say create new track with current track template would suffice - as long as it did it right under the current track.

There should be an option that creates a new track (duplicate from the track above it) when dragging-,-hoovering-for-2-seconds-&-dropping (part of) an event in between tracks for example?

As a workaround for this I use “Show Selected Tracks Only” in the mixer, which hides all the un-relevant tracks and leaves empty space to create that “drag&drop-new-track” …


not sure i get all you need but i use this macro :
Project - Duplicate tracks
Automation - Delete Automation of selected Tracks
TrackVersion - Delete Inactive Versions of selected Tracks
Edit - Select All on Tracks
Edit - Delete