Option to prevent inactive part selection when clicking on the inactive part in key editor

Please add an option to be able to edit only the active track notes on midi multi track key editor, locking temporarily all the other track editing.

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The option is in Cubase. Explore the Part Editing Mode, please.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 13.01.51

That option does not prevent selecting a note in any track and moving it.
I´d like to see all the tracks I want but only be able to edit the selected one.


Then select all tracks and choose the All Parts on Active Track, or the Active Part option, please.

Doesn´t work, I still can move any note in any track.


If you select the note (click on it by purpose), then the focus switches from one MIDI Part to another one. But if you use the lasso selection, then it selects just the notes of the given MIDI Part.

yes I know. That is what I want to prevent: selecting a note in another track, thus making it active and editing it.
I´d like to be able to make a track active only from the upper track view or from the left visibility panel and not if I hit by mistake any note in the key editor.


So your feature request is:

  • Prevent inactive part selection when clicking on the inactive part Note

Do I understand it right, now?

yes, I think that is a more accurate description.


Thank you. Please, change the title.


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that will add another useful workflow in some scenario

When I first saw this feature (long time ago) I thought it would exactly do what is being requested here: Let me switch the active part only through the menu.

It was a big surprise for me to learn that it wasn’t so.

This would be a great additional feature!

This is what I thought the feature should have done as well. Have the option to see all midi or chosen visibility ones but only allow to edit the selected one.

  1. The title needs to include the word “note” as stated here, since clicking an inactive part is a valid way to change focus. Might not get voted on otherwise.
  2. The Part Editing Mode states “…selecting and editing”. Is clicking a note not the same as selecting? I looked through the manual and can’t see anything other than “selecting” as the intent of “clicking” notes. Maybe I’m missing it. Does clicking a note have a special meaning in Cubase elsewhere too, or just in this one place?