Option to Render-And-Replace, instead of Render-In-Place on audio tracks

Can we have an option to just replace the original audio files after RIP them, please? It’s very annoying be forced to deal with these additionally created tracks after RIP. I always have to delete the source events, make subtracks on the new (R) track visible, move the newly created events up to the source track and then delete this new (R) track. Why must these things be so cumbersome? Just Render-And-Replace and done. Thanks.

Edit: I guess, I’m asking for a rendering procedure that actually happens “in place”. :wink:

Why would freezing the track not work for you in this case?

A simple use case: create a reverbarated, reversed crash.

You start with a normal crash sound from a cymbal.
You add a reverb to it.
You render that in place.
You reverse the result. You then adjust the position on the track.

To add: Such an option would only make sense for events on Audio Tracks.

Ah, ok, makes sense!

An actual “in place” Render-“In-Place” would indeed make life easier for this :slight_smile:

Freezing is a complete different story. I want to make effects and edits permanent and go on from there. When I’ve made a recording, e.g. using an input compressor, I want to stamp that to the audio event. I can make offline processing and realtime processing permanent, but there’s no such easy thing for Inserts, Channel Strip etc. Render-in-place should be it, but it clearly lacks usability.

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Valid point - I’ll edit the thread title.

Didn’t I see a macro for this? Include the render function, but then add additional commands to achieve I think your intentions?

Yes of course, macros… :roll_eyes:
I could call my landlord every time I come home. He then drives by with the keys and kindly lets me in. There are many ways to achieve things. On the other hand, he could simply give me this damned keys once for all. That’s at least how my lazy user brain works.

How would a macro handle this subtrack thing? Imagine a track with several subtracks and a whole bunch of audio events of which you made a wild selection to render them all at once but as separate events. Could this macro place the new events exactly where the source events were?

I have a lazy brain translating “subtracks” meant something else.

Now Im not so sure.

That wouldn’t work for Instrument tracks though, which is where I use it the most…

Of course not. But it would make a lot of sense on audio tracks.

You might want to explore Audio>Bounce Selection as an alternative to Render In Place.

Bounce Selection works great when you you want fades, event gain, and DOP rendered in the file, as well when you have several events to should become one event.
It does not work when you want to include the Inserts, Sends, Groups, or Master.

Replace could be an option in the bottom drop down menu, where we now can chose to mute the original. Of course, only when the source is on an audio track.