Option to render the track gradients [staying on Cubase 10.0 due to this]

Hello, maybe you’ll be shocked to learn that even though I own a license for Cubase Pro 11.0, I plan on keeping using Cubase 10.0 because it looks better. Visual appearance and impression are very important to me when composing. I’m not sure if this has been requested, but could you please implement an option to have tracks rendered with the gradients that Cubase 10.0 did? It looked more pleasant to my eyes than this new completely “flat” look. I know it is more demanding on the CPU/GPU, but still I would use it. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I agree, I would appreciate this being an option to toggle rather than being stuck with the ugly flat events.

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Definitely just an option, and not on by default. I know that flat UI is trendy these days, and so many people will prefer it just because of that.
But it seems like we’re going backwards. In the past, when computers could display only 16 colors, we all wished for them to be able to handle millions of them (or at least 256) :smiley: Now we have them and the result is track data being displayed in two colors, which looks poor to me.
By the way, Cubase 10 was the only major DAW that didn’t use that boring uninspiring flat look. And now there are none I know of.