Option To Render Without Muting Original Part

So I am making my own samples for Groove Agent (everyone should do this) and I have a midi track playing one note of Izotope Iris for my sample. Now I render it but after dragging it to Groove Agent, I want to hit undo in Iris and create a new version of that sample. I go to render the same track again after moving the first rendered part aside, but first I must unmute the midi part so it will play that one note again. You do this many times over and over when you are making a lot of samples this way. It gets annoying to have to unmute the track each time. The way you have it now makes sense but I need a box to check “Do not mute original part” or something like that.

Doesn’t ‘Keep Source Events Unchanged’ - in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the Render Selection dialog - work for you?