Option to reuse VST window to show active track instrument

I am wondering if there is a way to make Cubase “reuse” the open window of Kontakt when I switch to another instrument track using Kontakt. I would like the open window to switch it’s instrument to the one set for the active track.

For instance, I am sitting on a track with a violin instrument loaded in Kontakt. If I click another instrument track I would like to see that instrument show in Kontakt.

Apparently this is not possible now, but it would make building a template a bit easier if Kontakt, for instance, could show the instrument used in the active track, assuming the track is a Kontakt instrument. Basically if the VST for the instrument of the newly active track is open, then have an option where the active track instrument could replace the instrument shown in that VST.


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I like the idea of having only one VST editor window open (per VST) that automatically switches to what is assigned to the active track. I have definitely gotten confused when having several VST effect panels open (for me… usually Amplitube) where I mistakenly change something in an editor that does not apply to the current active track. This also would save some screen space by eliminating excess open panels. I suppose this could be a preference option for those who still want separate editor panels per track open at the same time.

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Or even make the Lower Zone a VST/VSTi editor. Perhaps in Cubase 10? :mrgreen:

There’s one potential downside to this request though. A number of VST instruments are quite resource-hungry and take a long time to load their GUI. Case in point, Kontakt with dozens of libraries added to its Libraries tab. It can take 2-5 seconds on my machine to open the plugin’s GUI, especially the first time after opening a project. (And this is even on a 6-core 3.5GHz Mac Pro with an SSD).

It would get pretty irritating when navigating in your project and changing tracks if everything dragged to a standstill for a couple seconds each time a plugin GUI had to load.

Most DAW’s like Studio One and Logic have this feature and I think it’s a must. Cubase with it’s gazillion of opened windows is driving me crazy (if plugin windows at least always opened in the same spot, but no…). Having plugin windows stay in the same spot all the time and change depending on track selection is probably my biggest wish for Cubase 10, so please Steinberg! :slight_smile:
And from my experience with Studio One I agree with orchetect that depending on the plugin it can get a bit laggy when changing tracks, which I personally don’t mind at all, but there should be an option to turn it on or off for those who do.

I disagree. I often have several playVST instances open to see what articulations I have loaded for celli (for example) to load the same articulations for violas.

Your option would mean that also vst plugins will be opened in only one window, so you could not monitor multiple effects like I do. When I make one track to sound good, I like to have all the plugins on the track opened and control them all when needed. It’s much faster than having to click on them, wait for open, change parameter, click on another one, wait for open, change parameter,…

The goal isn’t to restrict having multiple instances open. It is to provide a streamlined method of plugin viewing as tracks are selected. In the hosts that support this, you can toggle “open in container” or pop out the interface to keep it open as 2 examples of ways other hosts do it.

+1, just saw this in Logic in this video and I think this feature would be a massive QOL aid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCcY5Ofr6Hg

Can have the best of both worlds.

If you check out the Logic Pro X video audiosprite just linked, Logic has a “Link” toggle button that turns the behavior on and off. So hypothetically we could have each plug in its own window (as it is now), OR click the Link button and then all tracks that get selected could show their VST instrument GUI in one place.

+1 would love that

I also would like to have this option in Cubase. In logic I use all the time and is very elegant and clear!!!

Yeah ++++++1 like FL Studio, SO or Logic