Option to rotate pitches while keeping the melody contour

I would like to have an option to keep the melody contour when rotating the pitches

If you mean only rotate the pitches but don’t rotate the rhythm, this should be possible already. See also here for the note tools popover option.

Thanks for your response. What I mean is the melodic contour. In the example, if I rotate the pitches in A one step backward I would like to get the result like B not C if possible.

I find this sort of problem is most easily solved using music21.

Here’s quick 'n dirty routine to do what you want
rotate-contour.zip (1.1 KB)
And here’s the output…
With a little tweaking you could export your phrase from Dorico as an xml, manipulate it using music21 and re-import to Dorico. (There’s a thread on setting up Dorico for music21 here.)

Janus, I appreciate your generous help. It’s exactly what I want. I will download music21 and play around with it the next few days and I will try out your Python script. I would like to see Dorico offering this option at some point in time. Another transformation option that I would like to have is to be able combine the pitches vertically into a chord with an option to have the first pitch as the root. If that is something easy to do I would like to have your help on that. Thanks again.

I’ve sent a PM.