Option to save preset of External FX in the same way as in/outputs.

Hi Steinberg,

In Device Connections, can you please allow an option to save presets/templates of External FX setups, in the same way as one can with in/outputs. If I forget to attach the thunderbolt cable to my converter, and start up Cubase, all converter ports are reset. This only happens for the External FX.

Thank you.




and the possibility to use stereo external FX as dual mono

Excellent suggestion!





In addition to resetting because of a cable…this issue also occurs by default for me everytime I switch from recording to mixing.

I need to re-purpose my 32 I/O (sometimes using for inputs and sometimes for external FX)
My patchbay has everything normalled to my mixing equipment. About 32 channels worth.

When I goto record, I insert sometimes up to 16 or 24 channels of the existing 32 I/O.
I have to switch this everytime and is a real pain.

Please help CUBASE

Ideally it would be great to abandoned the whole External FX thing in my opinion.

See Logic X utility plugin!

Basically it is an insert that lets you route to anything. External FX.
Is also includes mono-to-stereo for some older reverb units (within the track and requiring to make a new stereo track etc) and a MIX knob!

Ouch! Yes, having the external fx saved as a preset would make life a LOT easier for you, then.

+1. And also adding an option to “Link current External FX setup to song” would be very useful, so we can have different combinations depending on the project we are working on.


+1 on External FX presets


Maybe I need to have a look at Logic again.
Pity I made the choice for Cubase (because the routing was great) to find out that de external fx get’s no attention.
B.t.w. it’s the I/O Utility of Logic X you’re talking about I guess?