Option to Solo several Lanes

This doesn´t work in my Cubase Copy. I wish i could create in this way different drum pattern-“Mixes” from several different Cycle-Recording-Takes, just directly from the Lanes-Level. It doesn´t work by me on Audio and MIDI-Lanes. Actually I can do this by just numb all the tracks, which i don´t want to be in this pattern-mix, But this could be sometimes annoying, when i want to proof, which kind of Samples match in comparison to other Takes/Samples better together, and/or when i want to compare different Patterns from the same Solo-Instrument-Pattern, I mean the same One-Shots, just on other 16th-Note bases for example.

I also could change the Lanes to Tracks, but this would be too confusing in to just compare your Takes right on the Recording.

An cool Option would be even, when we could have Solo- and Mute-Buttons just directly for the Lanes, but at my instance, i just would be happier to got a way to this easier and faster.

Thanks for Listen