Option to still have a background with Cubase

In Cubase 8, I see that Cubase is all separate windows now… and when I close a project, all I see is my desktop - along with the menu bar of Cubase at the top of the monitor. Also, I use 3 monitors… and unless I cover every empty space of the monitors with Cubase windows, my desktop still shows through (whenever I close a project), or even with a project open (the desktop can be seen between Windows, or anywhere I haven’t covered it). I do NOT like this. It is driving me crazy.

While this may be ok for most people… when I have a program open, I want to only see that program. I want to be immersed in that program. I do not want to see my desktop. There should be an option to still have a background like all of the previous Cubase releases. Please bring this back. SOON.


Double click the Bar on top…
U can have the grey Cubase background
The desktop.

I personally would like the option of having a Picture as the Cubase backdrop instead of just grey but then it may look corny…lol
but give US the option to be as corny as we want…


Lol, I thought I was losing my mind thinking that at some point since I updated I had a gray background briefly and now didn’t. I must have accidentally double clicked the top bar while trying to figure out how to get the thing to minimize.

I agree the grey looks better but the problem you get when having the grey background is that you can not access the windows taskbar if it is set to auto-hide. I like the auto-hide taskbar and the grey background too. Too bad (for now) until they fix it. Blah

Regards :sunglasses:

That puts a grey background on the main monitor, but the other two still show the Windows desktop. I used to stretch Cubase 7.5 all the way across all 3 monitors, and place my windows wherever I wanted them… I have the windows where I want them now, but no grey background to stretch across underneath.

How about rather than just a blank grey background it could show a nice list of recently opened projects to allow rapid switching of projects. Just a thought.

Is this something that got fixed in Cubase 8.5? Or is this defect still in?

Specifically, I mean can we (who have multiple monitors) once again spread the background across those monitors like we used to?

Not fixed in 8.5… I agree, this is really weird for people with multiple monitors. Steinberg, please make it an option to have a regular window!