Option to turn off automatic scrolling?

Is it possible to have an option to turn off the automatic page scrolling during note entry? Dorico is doing everything right, but it’s really troublesome as I’m composing out adding/removing stuff and the score is jumping all over the place. Typically it decides it needs a longer bar, so then pushes the bar forward and I get a page jump to it which is jarring. I just want to sit that section in the middle of my monitor and I’ll manage the page scrolling.

This has been discussed before but AFAIK there’s no option. Again - Dorico is doing the right thing and doing it very well, but with my screen and score it’s maddening and breaks out of the flow of composing.

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This would also be really helpful for playback, on a per tab or per window basis. When I’m composing, I’d often like to have some reference material frozen in one tab, while I independently write, edit, jump around, playback, etc. in another tab.

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Sounds like you should try Galley View, where there are no pages, and thus no layout.

Yeah for me it’s a problem of information overload. In addition to the burden of composing and orchestrating, I’m having to continually visually reorient myself with these jumps, which is an additional cognitive burden.

Use case: I just grabbed a bar and moved it forward eight bars, deciding that was an idea I wanted to introduce later. Dorico sensibly jumps to where I put it, but the thing is I don’t care about it now, I want to fill out the rest of these eight bars. So I have to figure out where I am - and as reading music is a visual experience I don’t have a lot of reference context, then I’m doing unnecessary operations to get back to where it was before.

Many other examples … let’s consider Word for a moment, yes it does page jumps too, but the key is the density of a page is much greater than that for music so it’s not much of a problem. And if you orient yourself in between two pages it doesn’t jump anyhow as far as I remember.

So the key observation is that the information density of a score is so large, that inflexibility about page jumping becomes very problematic.

Good idea but I really don’t like Galley View. I’m inspired by seeing the printed page, along with hearing playback it really feeds my process … well enough said

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