Option to turn off mouse scroll wheel changing mixer values!


+1 Holy Cow this gets me into trouble.


Please fix this!!!


(PS: it’s a PC thing too)

Seconded. Now I have to move to the bottom scroll bar, or enable the mixer overview but dragging in that is glitched.




Oh god - so want this.! +1

The workflow is so disappointing in the MixConsole; all that effort in the design/implementation - and I don’t think anybody uses it (Channel Strip particularly). Not just because we all have better tools; its so clunky and frustrating to actually use and get up to speed with…

No. Fun.

+1. I have never really liked this feature. I have learned to avoid the areas where things can get changed but I still don’t like it because I have to move around and look for “safe space” in order to use the wheel.

+1000 - this is a MUST





****IMO the mouse scroll wheel has NO business at all in a komplex mixer window, except to scroll channel matrix horizontally.
Don’t mind if set by option.
Scroll wheel in this field of hundres of parameters is rather childish and particularly dangerous.

+1 Yes please.


+1 !!!

Yes. Modifier key when needed. Too annoying as it is currently.