Option to turn off mouse scroll wheel changing mixer values!


Please, this is infuriating!!
There is “Use Mouse Wheel as Event Volume and Fade”, please extend this to the MixConsole, it is terrible right now, I screw up my mixes every now and then without even recognizing!!!



So three years later of us all asking for this to be changed and it’s not fixed? What kind of “support” forum is this? Absurd… This is one of those REALLY annoying problems that needs attention. I’ve screwed up so many mix levels by trying to scroll to the right or left on the mixer board on larger sessions…

Sorry for the deafening silence on this one! It’s not like this hasn’t been discussed or reported by beta testers before but frankly it wasn’t high on our priority list so far. I received the confirmation that the colleagues in planning and development will put it on their to do list.

Does anyone know if this has been implemented? Would be super useful to avoid unintentional input and I can’t seem to find it in the preferences.

Hello any news about this? It’s a really annoying behavior… I wanna scroll the mixer fast… and mix fast… find me a solution… why I feel that every suggestion or issue report on this forum is useless and not heard? Can somebody explain? :question:

One of the most annoying little thing when you don’t even notice that you’ve changed some values in the mixer because your mouse is still scrolling and you go over the mixer…

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