Option to turn off the Track Versions

I’m constantly hitting the Track Versions pop up when selecting tracks with my mouse and I rarely use Track Versions so could we have the option to turn it off please?
Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 11.14.54 PM.png

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Yes. I can’t believe this hasn’t ever been flagged up by users at Steinberg or anyone on the beta team.
Makes moving tracks around really frustrating.

My solution for this was to get in the habit of clicking on the track name text, as opposed to off to the side of it. Based on past experience I think there’s little chance of this being given a preference switch.

I never use track versions, but sometimes create some accitently.
If there´s not going to be a preference, a dedicated “drag area” could be a solution.
Before track versions, moving tracks up and down was a no brainer!

The dedicated drag area is already implemented- It’s the text of the track name.

As there are two areas to access track versions. On the track header and in the inspector it would be great to be able to disable the track header access like Logic Pro allows users to do.

Any news from Steinberg on this ? I keep hitting this as well. Never had issues until now, i don’t know but since Cubase 10 i keep hitting that. Very annoying. An option to remove this feature would be great, i never use it personally.