Option to view 12 db scale in frequency 2 plugin?

is there any option to change the view of the eq scale to , 6 or 12 or 24 db ? didn’t find any option, usually i don’t use more than 12db when mixing, and in mastering even much less, so the resolution of the scale is very small and hard to control and watch

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Yes please!!!

For mastering with eq changes typically less than 3 db you almost see nothing in the display which makes the display useless at this point. For me this was the reason to switch to another eq which is a pity as Frequency 2 is very good otherwise.
This should be an easy one to implement and give a good improvement.

Yes when moving the band on the graphical spectrum it’s not perfect for precision in the actual range.

Hi mozizo,
I added this as a feature request to our data base.



That would be such a great improvement, especially if we can choose between 3, 6, 12 and 24 dB.

And even better, the Gain controls range could even adapt to the selected scale, but then, that could be a setting that can be enabled/disabled to match users personal preferences.

For example :

  1. If you want the precision of the 3 dB scale on the graph and be able to do larger boosts/cuts at the same time with the knobs, keep it disabled, but those larger changes will make the band points go beyond the graph window and no longer be visible.
  2. If you want the gain min/max range to visually match on the knobs, enable it, but you won’t be able to do larger boosts/cuts, and if there was any, their gain will directly snap back to the min/max values of the selected scale.

Voilà :wink:

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