Option tool preference

Is there a way to change the tool that comes up when you press option (on Mac) in the arrange window? Right now it comes up as the draw tool, but I’m wondering if I could change it to something different, like the zoom tool



You can assign different modifier to predefined tools. See Preferences > Moodier Tools, please.

My favourite combination is Opt for the zen pencil and Ctrl for cranky scissors.

Yes I’m familiar with the Tool Modifiers section in Preferences, however I don’t see a way to change the tool that is selected when holding down option in the arrange window. Am I overlooking something?

I should mention that this ‘option’ function only works when the Object Selection tool is selected. Is there a way to change the modifiers for the Object Selection tool?


As I said, you can change the modifier for the tools, but not the tools.

Ah I see, okay thanks