Options for loading playback template more quickly?

Hey everybody,
Black Friday’s coming up here in the U.S and I’m thinking about upgrading my computer. I’m wondering what improves may potentially increase the loading speed of my big playback template? Currently it takes 15-20 minutes to load.

Some specs about my PC:
64GB RAM (My template takes about 45GB of this)
Ryzen 9 3900x Processor (12 Cores)
2TB NVME SSD (stored samples and Kontakt on this, but Dorico itself is loaded on a SATA SSD)
RX 580 GPU

I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Are you using VE Pro? If not, that would probably be the best way you could improve performance, by loading your plug-ins into VE Pro and using its “uncoupled mode”, so that you can close and reopen projects that use the template without waiting for the sounds themselves to load, because they can stay resident in VE Pro at all times. This also makes your Dorico projects much smaller on disk, and much quicker to load and save.

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I don’t use VE Pro as I didn’t care to learn how to network it all together, but it sounds like this might be my best option, unfortunately. :-/

I wonder if there’s some way to improve the load times with a single machine? I notice none of my components go past 15% utilization whilst loading the playback template, so I reckon there should be plenty of headroom for more performance?

You can run VE Pro on the same machine as Dorico and enjoy most of the benefits. Many users do!

Downloading VE Pro now. Thanks!

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