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Hi all,

Im bulding a new nuendo studio so my question is what is the mid or high end setup(controles , audio cards) .I need max 4 inputs and 5.1 output. Im new to Nuendo so help will be great!



I’m not a professional, just a hobbyist but for my money, RME is the way to go for audio interfaces. For 5.1 the Fireface UCX II would do the trick nicely, presuming it is analogue outs you want.

RME gets consistently good reviews. I’ve had a good experience with my MOTU 16A. The “usual suspects” in the high end are likely all fine. For a surface it seems it’s either Yamaha Nuage or one of Avid’s controllers.

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I second an RME interface. I bought my first one two years ago and it’s easily the best I’ve owned - and I’ve been through a lot of them over the years. Driver support and performance is 2nd to none.



Another vote for RME - this company can be considered the gold standard. I have used their hardware for all my machines with little to no problems for more than two decades. - There are certain components in my setup that are almost 20 years old now, yet they are supplied with proper drivers regularly (and still work like a charm).


I would recommend a larger interface. Because you will soon find out you can always use one more input.

If you get into Dolby Atmos and Apple Spatial Audio, those need some 12 outputs to feed the 7.1.4 speaker setup.

So I would recommend a 16 IO channel audio interface.

Also, you should probably tell people what you are going to do in your studio, if it’s for post or music or gaming or whatever… and if it’s for post, is it editing, mixing, sound design, ADR… Your choice of gear should take that into account.

Focusrite RED if you’re working professionally. ATMOS with the R1 is the only easy way to do it I’ve found.

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Hi MattiasNYC,
My bad, studio is for ADR, editing, mixing , post. My only request is that i must have max 4 mic inputs b/c I am limited by the size of the studio and 5.1 output.


I am using Focusrite RedNet - Dante System since years now… It is compatible and future proof with each and everything, I needed so far and latencies are also very very low, even running multiple computers and devices in the same audio network… But the Steinberg Interfaces are not bad either… Well integrated into the Steinberg universe…

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Cant go wrong with Ferrofish A32 Dante. Link 4 units together and you have a flawless 128 in / out.

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Can’t praise Ferrofish enough. Their products offer lots of “bang for the buck”, and they are a very nice, helpful company on top of it.

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Thanks for help about interfaces. Q: what is the OK control interface for NUENDO


Avid S1