Options for reloading once and only if computer crashes and and cubase needs to be run on another computer

Hello all , or many, or whomever,
I have a question about the process to follow once a computer has an issue and say loses its access to files thus meaning cubase would have to be loaded onto another computer. This has not happened, and I don’t need to put my cubase on another computer but I am seeking an idea as to what would be the course of action if it would. To add I currently have my projects being stored on a second hard drive within my computer, while the program files itself are of course all on the C: for Windows. I also will soon enough have cubase elements (just trialing for a few more days etc) So in that regard and that I have Cubase 9 AI LE before this trial and assuming I am on Cubase Elements 11 in the future, and further assuming if any serious issue occurs with my files resulting in a need to change to another computer. What would be the process, what challenges or actions would I need to consider. Cheers all for any outlay to that.

If you have your eLicense on a dongle you can just plug the dongle into any other computer that has Cubase installed and it will work. You need a license to run Cubase but not to install it.