Options Missing In Preference Window?

I have been watching some Cubase 5 tutorial DVDs and I noticed I don’t have some of the same options included in the DVD. For example In the Event Display I am missing Ruler and MIDI. I only have two items under that title and there should be four listed. I have CB 5.5.3. don’t understand why? Also I don’t have the “Show Inspector” button nor is it listed and one more thing that I can’t remember at the moment. Why? Thank You…


Can you send screenshot, please?

Here is the Preference Screen shot. If you look at the “Event Display” you will see only 2 items. There should be 4 according to the Tutorials. It’s missing the Rulers and Video.
Also if you look at the top right there is no button to Show/Hide Inspector. I can’t find where or if I can add it like what is also shown in the Tutorials.

Well, either use the same version like in the tutorial, or if not: If you download an update, do not forget to download and actuallyread the updatet documentation also…
The documentation shows how to show the inspector. And many of the new feature.
Additionally in 5.5.x the video engine changed, which is certainly the reason, why it no longer has the preference entries you´re lookin for.

I think so. I think, you have older version of Cubase. What version exactly do you have?

5.5.3 build 651