Options to have the Bottom Zone, be a Side Zone as a fold out squeezed between Track Inspector and Track List?

I would like to see the option to have bottom zone, actually have an alternate condensed size zone option that folds out from the Inspector/Left Zone.

It would obviously need to be a differen/condensed GUI but still have all the functionality.

I like the zone system, it has grown on me, but the only thing, is it has resulted in the track list/project edit window always feeling a bit smothered and closed in. I never feel like I have enough space when the bottom zone is visible. I have an ultra wide screen but it’s not a large height, I have more space wide than I do height wise.

Having a hotkey to switch back and forth the placement of the bottom zone would be essential. Sometimes I like to leave it open, sometimes I would need to see the full size bottom zone audio editor or something.


I would probably recommend to send this to the Feature Request thread.