Opus Hollywood orchestra playback problem

Bet I am doing something silly here.
Setup a string quartet in opus on midi channels 1 -4. These load OK and i can audition notes in all 4 parts in galley view in Dorico. But when I try playback the 2 violins play OK but Viola and Cello will not - even though individual notes in these parts audition with mouse just fine. Be grateful for any help.

Windows 10
Dorico 4.3
Focusrite Scarlett 18/20

Just a few thoughts, things to check: are some automations (cc7 ,cc11) on zero?
Look into the mixer of Dorico, if viola and violoncello are muted perhaps there?
If not and you don’t find it, it is a good idea to post the Dorico setup file here. Somebody else can have look perhaps. Good luck!

“Sounds” like an Expression map error… perhaps you can attach (zip up) here one that works plus either viola or cello?

Yep you were right when i looked at the playback lane for the viola and cello i had no natural in there for either to kick off playback. Once there all good.

Something i don’t get though is that i have to keep reassigning common playing techniques so they route to playback technique for Opus rather than HSE/Halion. I thought the common ones would automatically route to Opus if the opus end config is highest in the playback template. Am i right in thinking that? Also the challenge of getting even simple expression maps going for EWHO Opus is quite a mountain even though I got hold of the Cubase ones.

I also find there is no way to easily cut and paste data from one expression map to another which is a pity. The only way does seem to be Duplication of an existing map and then adjustment within instruments in the same family. Still all good fun I guess. Thanks for your suggestions they got me on the right track again. :blush:

Glad you got it sorted!
Playback templates work their way top/down, but since no two VSTs require the same control codes to produce the same articulation, the Endpoint configs also include dedicated expression maps. You can, however, make use of instrument and instrument family overrides to allow for some flexibility.

Say you like NotePerformer, but not its piano. Then you would add your favorite piano Endpoint at the top of the Playback template list, and flag it as a Piano override. Below you can add NP. When the Playback template is loaded, it will load every instrument from NP, EXCEPT your favorite piano…

Great thanks a lot for the refresher on that