Orange Marker Disappears when Deleting Single Notes [Bug-fix?]

I really like the fact that Dorico is designed to be navigated with the keyboard arrows to go all over the place also staff / system wide making the use of a mouse somewhat obsolete.
I tend to use this feature a lot when reviewing piano midi recordings in order to delete accidentally played notes or simply reviewing projects in the process of finishing them by adding expressions or slurs (etc.).

When I delete a single selected note which is highlighted orange [to be clear: not when using the caret] the marker totally disappears and I have to start all over again navigating with the keyboard arrows finally getting to the point where now a rest has appeared.

Proposed Solution:
When reviewing a project with the arrow keys and deleting unwanted notes the highlighted orange marker should remain on the emerging rest instead of completely disappearing along with the deletion, in order not to interrupt the keyboard workflow.
When deleting one note out of a chord in chord-mode (Q) the marker should jump to the next adjacent note within the same chord.
When in insert-mode (I) the marker should remain at the same place highlighting now the following note / chord that has moved one step to the left.
The same or a similar behavior should apply when deleting expressions, tempo markings, chord symbols, text (lyrics), etc.

I think this feature has only benefits, which is why I consider this (while keeping in mind that Dorico was designed to be navigated solely by keyboard commands) as a bug for the time being. If somehow this is intended to serve a purpose that I am currently unaware of, I would be interested in knowing what would be the drawback in changing the present behavior.

Thanks for the feedback, doricardo. I agree that when you delete something, Dorico ought to try to retain a selection. This is something we’re planning to improve in future.