Orchestra Bells / playback

Hello, friends! A few quick questions. I am in Dorico Pro 3.5

  1. I am writing a part for orchestra bells, but there is not an instrument labeled as such. I’ve been using glockenspiel instead. I’ve always know “glockenspiel” to represent more the bell-lyre style instrument. Is there a different instrument choice to get what I’m looking for?

  2. The notes in the attached figure are not sounding in playback, but the other notes in that part are sounding correctly. This figure is the written pitch, not the transposed (16va) pitch… what am I missing here?
    Glock example Dorico

#1. The orchestral glockenspiel is laid out in a keyboard configuration (and is likely what Dorico/HALion/Noteperformer envision when you choose it). The Bell Lyre is more a marching band version of the orchestral glock.

#2. As I recall, I have sometimes had difficulty with the way the Glock 2-octave transposition has been handled in the Dorico/VST interface with some sound sets. See if your sounds are not audible because of a transposition/out-of-range mismatch.

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Orchestra bells and Glockenspiel are the same instrument. They sound 2 octaves above written.


That makes sense then.
I was hoping that if that bell lyre instrument had a narrower range, that might explain why my notes at the top of the staff are not playing. No dice yet on figuring out what that’s about

Huh, I learned something new today. This is what I get for never leaving the states! Thanks for sharing this.