Orchestra Cover - Snow Patrol

A small orchestra cover, for a friends wedding, of the song Chasing Cars, which I’d never heard before this. I like the original songs melody and lyrics, but I find it too flat, it just never elevates or climaxes for me too enjoy. I wish they’d had strings in the song really :-/

Anyway; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u9eODgHdNk Click 720p or 1080p for higher sound quality since it is Youtube after all.

I’m pretty happy with the composition and mix, given I can’t quite have as natural/realistic expression curves as I’d like given my current setup :-/ There’s a basic master on it, since I don’t particularly have much of a clue when it comes to mastering and hearing the subtle differences. So any thoughts on the mix/master are welcome.

Thankyou for taking the time to listen.

Good job, that sounds nice on my system, and I like the song you picked as well. Easily recognisable but still very different from the original.
The mix sounds a bit crowded in the low mids to me, mostly the piano needs a bit of a cut there I think.

Thankyou Strophoid. Although I didn’t actually pick the song, I’d never heard of the song until a girl I knew some 10 years ago asked me on Facebook if I could do something with it for her wedding.

I thought the piano sounded too blended in, trying different pre-delays for space didn’t make much difference. I boosted the EQ on low mid by around 0.3db idk if boosting more will give it more clarity, any suggestions on how to actually make it cut through more?

I didn’t use any compression at all because it just killed the sound of the strings.


I loved your version!


It’s obviously my own work based from something else. If you wish to debate copyright laws and specifically the copyright laws on covers then I suggest you go and read them first.

I’ve never actually seen you ever post any comment at all on anyone’s thread here in all the months I’ve been here and you may have racked up a whopping 2,700 posts in a year and a half (which means you’ve consistently sat making 5 posts every single day without fail.) So I should ask, are you one of these forum troll “lurkers” or a know-it-all? Raises eyebrow inquisitively.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, thankyou :slight_smile:

Thinkingcap posts in the german forums a lot :wink:

Great work again and as always. I am unsure of the amount of effects on the piano but that is always an opinion based choice. It is truly beautiful

Sounded really good to me on my system. Great job! :smiley:
I actually produced a version of this same song for a client of mine last year… a 13yr old girl and her dad…


Thankyou very much indeed :slight_smile: The only effect on the piano was actually the soundstage reverb and then the hall reverb, although I did use a lot of hall reverb (moreso than I usually do.) It just sounded too dead without it.

Although the solution is to invest in EWQL Pianos. the one I’m using atm you can’t even control if the piano lid is open fully or closed or any increment inbetween and with EWQL Pianos you have all the real situation options. Definitely next investment after choirs!

Thanks :smiley: I liked the arrangement of that, in the way it built more than the original. The production was good, but I do remember some of your other recent stuff on here and the production on is definitely improved so good job to you too! I’d quite like to write pieces with piano/drums/strings/bass with a vocalist myself, maybe someday :smiley: