Orchestral / cinematic etc tutor wanted in London, uk

This may be the wrong place, sorry if it is. I have got to the final mixing stage ( an hour with 80 tracks of music going from full orchestra through to small chamber groups and going through lots of different stylistic twists) and I probably could do a workable job myself, but I’d like a tutor so I can do things that I would never even consider; eg. The real way to pan a cinematic orchestra, or how to use compression for natural results, or do I want natural results if I’m making backing tracks etc. Things just a step up from Basic. Is anyone hear up to the task of giving me tutoring before I do my final mix please? As in a face to face tutor? I live in London but everything’s on an external hard drive so I can visit someone , within reason, and I think I only need somewhere around 1 to 3 hours, and I will pay for the right person. It’s about someone looking, giving me advice and then me applying those techniques. Many thanks, Robert