Orchestral OST made in Cubase 9.5

Dear composers!

I know that when it comes to orchestral composition the choice of DAW is not paramount, that being said Cubase 9.5 provided a very enjoyable experience throughout my project. I would be happy to share my workflow with those who are interested.

You can listen to three of my latest tracks (each being around 1min) so it won’t take too much of your time. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your comments and ideas,


very good
I liked the second one better though it could use a little bit treble boost on the violins.
keep them coming :wink:

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

They all sound quite nice. Good compositions, and well recorded. Good work!

Thank you for listening!

Hello Ageless, I listened to these three. I record (real) orchestras, and I was wondering, what libraries are you using for your instruments? Second, how do you place them in the stereo field? I’ve had the urge to include some orchestral instruments in my compositions, but I have not been satisfied with their authenticity. Possibly because I keep trying to use solo instruments (violin, cello, etc.), rather than groups of strings.

The only VSTis I have at this point are the ones that come standard with Kontakt, and as a result, I stay away from them! In any case, I liked what you did with these.

I use various libraries from multiple companies, what does matter though in regards to your question is to play with their mic settings (if a library doesn’t provide different mic recordings then better stay away from it) and use an XY stereo mapper to give them their proper space. It is also much harder to achieve an authentic sound with solo instruments, something I had to deal with in my 3rd track “Pure Genius” where a solo Clarinet and Violin are playing in unison.

Again, instead of just using the standard L-C-R pan control try using an XY stereo mapper which Cubase does come with one. It is so useful…