Orchestral Pop? I guess?

Yep another song. It starts off sounding just like Makkon but then move to something… different.

Good title :stuck_out_tongue:
It sounds good, but I wouldn’t mind a bit of variation in the chord scheme. The violins sound a bit messy which I think is intentional, but it becomes more of a blur when the other parts play along.
I like the song though, I think if you shortened the intro (it’s pretty much 1 big buildup until into the 2nd minute), alternate between the bells and a vocal and add some variation in the chordscheme as you work into a verse-refrain-verse-bridge-refrain kind of structure you’d have a neat song on your hands.

I liked the melody, bass rhythm and the overall feel of the piece. But, the bells are too loud, the bass is too quiet and as a result of that the drums are a bit quiet and imbalanced within the section. Snare is too quiet and hi-hats are too loud. Just needs some tweaking. Same as Strophoid for the chords, little more variation would be cool.

The string pattern sounds good, although you can vary it The trick to writing string parts better is to understand how they are in a live situation and listening to orchestra recordings of more modern pieces such as film music is really better for a fusion of sounds.

The first reason they sound too unconvincing is because they are panned directly to the centre, the sides just sound too empty. In a live situation to create a central string sound the 2nd violins and violas play the part in unison, but they won’t sound completely dead center. The second reason is they have the ‘machine gun’ effect, now this can’t be completely gotten rid of with the library because I don’t think it will have round robin for alternating up/down bow strokes. But if you vary the velocity even more on that staccato intro, accenting the first notes even more and varying the other notes velocity it’ll sound a bit more natural. Given the context of what the strings are playing you definitely want more realism. Also, change the start times of every note so they are all slightly before/after the beat (but not too much that it sounds out of time) with the odd note exactly on the beat and this will also give those subtle imperfections that humans have when playing.

There are some nice string arpeggios in there in the violins that add nice colour to the arrangement, but overall they don’t have a place of their own in the mix, part of that is the panning as I mentioned. The sustained strings have a better place in the mix, I can hear the 1st violins to the left separate from the lower cello notes to the right so that’s an improvement. Sounding good though, so good going so far :wink:

Thank you for picking that apart, I had never heard most of those things and I will for sure try to incorporate your tips into later songs that require realism.

I really like the melody. Agree that the drums and the bass could have a little more power, but the chord progression and the bells on top sound really good. Got me in a really good mood listening to this song.

I just realized what the problem might be. My earbuds! I don’t have the money to spend on earbuds and earphones at the same time… and recently my good ones broke so I am using a 40$ pair, and I am pretty sure they are bass boosting. I have my eyes set on the new ones by Sony, hopefully when I acquire a pair my mix should sound exactly as it really is.
(I also hate knowing that I might be missing something with lower quality earphones…)

That’s definitely true. Some of my older mixes were done on gaming headphones and they were pretty unbalanced left/right aswell as lacking bass because of it. Since getting some Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s my mixes are getting more solid. I checked around before deciding and they are the best for their price bracket of around £100. So decent headphones will definitely improve your mixing perception and instincts :wink: Only use earphones or speakers if you have no other choice :smiley:

sounds like you’ve been listening to Phillip Glass…Kevin

Nice… overall I like this. Uplifting tune. :slight_smile: Not sure if I’m listening to a newer mix but my only issue generally is the loudness and quantity/overuse of the bell sound. :sunglasses:

Good piece agree about bells etc and theme variations. I hate mixing thru headphone Headphones,they really dont reproduce the lows the same way that good monitors can. Also you hear things more evenly so the the bells might not sound to loud or the bass or kick might sound equal in volume when they are really not. Basically you hear to much detail in phones to get a good mix. (any takers on this?) I think headphones are a good way to check for faults in mix etc. I know everyone thinks differently about this though

Headphones for writing/composing/mixing and speakers (monitors) for mastering. Just need to clarify that mixing and mastering are two completely different things.

Of course this is dependent on what is available to you. A good pair of headphones will be better for mastering than a poor pair of speakers. Likewise a good pair of speakers will be better for composing/mixing than a bad pair of headphones.

I do almost everything on speakers, I only use headphones for the surgical EQ cutting of resonating frequencies.