Orchestral template problem


I’m currently in the process of creating a new orchestral template. The format I used is one instrument track for each instruments, (one for 1st violins, one for Violas ect) I have multiple articulation within the same instance and I have midi tracks routed to these articulations with different midi channels.

Looks like this

1st violin Sustain — Instrument track — Midi channel 01

1st Violin Staccato — Midi track — Midi output to 1st violin — Midi channel 02

1st Violin Pizzicato — Midi track — Midi output to 1st violin — Midi channel 03


So my problem is, I use the “Disable track” method to reduce the loading time. (Disabling all the instruments track in the project by default and enabling the ones I need when I start up a new project.) The thing is when I enable an instrument track, first problem : I always have to reset the midi input to “all input” because it sets itself automatically to “no midi input”

Second problem is I always have to reset the midi output of the midi tracks to the appropriate instrument track after I enable said instrument track.

So is there a way in the parameters to set by default the midi input of each tracks to “all midi input”, and is there a way for the midi output of my midi track to stay the same even when I disable the associated instrument track?

I hope I was clear in describing my problem.

Thank you!