Orchestral Tools: Tableau Solo Strings Playback Template

Think I’m finally getting the hang of Orchestral Tools’ libraries. Here’s a Playback Template for their Tableau Solo Strings. This should include my slightly modified SINE Player setups. I’m also including the bare Expression Maps.

Tableau PT.zip (30.1 KB)

The essential points are:

Don’t use the Legato samples. They can’t do two notes at once, if you need double-stopping, for instance.
I’ve had to modify/balance the relative volume of different samples e.g. Sustain and Spiccato.

You can sometimes get better results using CC1 than Velocity for the fixed length samples.

I’ve also had to tweak the % durations of notes to suit.

It may need further adjustment depending on use.

This has been more successful than my Miroire maps, so I may go back and have another crack at that.

EDIT: Some tweaks to the Maps, but also better Mic positions and balance.

Here’s a revision to the Playback template, complete with Expression Maps, and VST presets, should they be needed separately.

Tableau PT.zip (30.8 KB)

Tableau Presets.zip (19.8 KB)

I think I’ve massively improved my understanding of how to use SINE Player with Dorico. Most of what I’ve said above still stands.

But the one thing I’ve learnt is that invariably, you have to adjust Ex Maps to suit each piece. Usually, just changing which KS applies to which expression.

Fast slurred passages are perhaps still a bit weak; I dare say further experimentation may improve matters.

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