Orchestration indications


I’m writing some orchestration worksheets for students, and I’d like to indicate orchestration on a piano reduced score. For example, in bar one there is a chord with C-E-G, and I want a small text next to C saying “fl.” (flute), next to E “cl.” etc…

What is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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I think probably simply to use Shift+X text, and in Engrave mode activate the Avoid collisions property and turn off the checkbox, so that you can freely move the text in Engrave mode to nestle it in close to the notes to which it corresponds without causing the vertical spacing to be adjusted unduly.

All right thanks for the quick reply, as usual!

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If you create a certain paragraph style, you might already set some parameters, such as font size, erase background and maybe even a border for the text. You can then save it as default, which allows you to assign a custom keyboard shortcut for creating a text with exactly that paragraph style set.

Awesome I’ll try that tomorrow!