Orchestration/Notation Assignment problem

Hi! I’m taking an orchestration class and most is a review but working towards more Film Scoring. Anyhow, one of the assignments was to copy the assignment score exactly as it appears to show we are fluent in our notation program. I started using Dorico last summer and I’ve cheerfully been watching many tutorials and getting pretty good at it. By the way, I influenced several students in this famous university to purchase Dorico. Anyhow, here’s the two pdfs attached: the one assignment and my Zelinsky assignment. After many hours I could not erase or hide the whole rest in the second trumpet part (condensed). I tried color opacity and that didn’t seem to do anything.
Can anyone tell me what I can do? Also, here’s my feedback from the professor:

"Everything here is correct, spacing, instrument numbers, courtesy accidentals look fine, a2 text, tenuto in the brass, slurs in the strings and brass. A few minor things… the bassoon part does not require a 1. and 2. by the notes, two player and two notes we don’t have to write anything else. in the trumpet part, the trumpets full m. 2, the dynamic should be below the notes there, and there’s a whole note rest floating about without a home… :slight_smile: might as well mention it… the clarinets, bassoons, tumpets and trombones have a sub-bracket that doesn’t need to be there. Only when you break them out into multiple staves would you inculde a sub-bracket."Assignment 2 Score.pdf (49.9 KB) Zelinsky_Assignment 2c.pdf (72.7 KB)

I’m not going to be much help, but for the floating rest I think an acquaintance with the Properties palette will help (you raise it from the bottom of the window – there should be a ^ somewhere to click). Both hiding and flipping the position of the dynamic should be accessible from there.

You can do a lot with explicit Condensing Changes, like hiding rests, specifying joined stems etc.

Nothing seems to work. Here’s my file and anyone able to make that rest disappear?Dropbox - Zelinsky Assignment 2b copy.dorico - Simplify your life

I was successful changing opacity of the rest in the full score but when it’s condensed it shows back up again.

I looked into a few of the issues:

  • In Layout Options, Brackets and Braces, change the setting at the bottom ‘When only 1 staff of a sub-bracketed group is shown’ to ‘Do not show sub-bracket’.

  • The oboes have Roman numerals, because they are defined as section players. How to fix: create 2 new empty-handed solo players (just click the + without assigning an instrument) and drag the oboe parts there. The player names will update automatically, and they will be numbered correctly.

  • In Notation Options, change the condensing option for Inactive Players to ‘Hide rests and label active player’. This will remove the unwanted rest for trumpet 2 in bar 2. The label ‘1.’ is shown inside the staff for some reason (no idea TBH). You can drag it up in Engrave mode.

  • The staff labels for percussion and timpani are positioned too high, because there are spurious returns in the instrument names (I admit they are hard to spot in the instrument names dialog).

  • In Engrave Options, section Staff Labels, change the numbering settings back and forth a bit, this will make the wind numbering consistent (apparently there can be some misalignment here, which you can fix this way).


Wow! Thank you! I think that cleared up everything except for the unnecessary labeling of the bassoon (1.) and I can’t seem to delete that. I don’t mind that label but the professor saw it as unnecessary.

I did figure out how to hide the 1. label. Thank you Peter, so much!!