Order of Cubase 12 failed to download

Dear Sirs, my name is Ljupco Stefanovski I live in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. I am owner of Cubase 10.5 and yesterday I have paid about 120 EUR for upgrade to Cubase 12. All went find with the payment. But, when I wanted to download the upgrade, something went wrong and I am not able to log in. . My original password falied to log in, so I created a new one. But, this one also faild to log in. I don’t know which password is valid and where now. I managed to log into the Cubase forum with muy old password. I have Cubase 10.5 installed on my DAW workstation on W10 in my studio and also on my McBook on iOS. On both instances I use UAD Thunderbolt as audio interface. I have rarely used the Cubase on the Macbook, only when I needed it live. I have used both installation with the same dongle, as I have only one. Can this be the source of this problem? Just to remind you, I will need to upgrade CUBASE 10.5 to 12 on both platforms: Windows and iOS. As I hear, Cubase 12 does not require dongle anymore? My later questions may not be relevant now. My biggest problem is to get what I have paid for.


Please be aware, the Steinberg Online Shop is not linked to the MySteinberg system. So you could have other credentials for the MySteinberg. Make sure, you are using the MySteinberg credentials to log in.

Thank you Martin! I have to report that the old password worked and I have succesfully updated my Cubase PRO to v12 on my main W10 DAW. Now it remains that I do the same on my MacBook PRO. I hope that this will also work!

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