Order of custom lines in Lines panel

Hey all. I’ve noticed that all my custom lines are showing up at the top of the Lines panel. Is it possible to arrange the panel so arrows are with arrows, wedges with wedges etc? They seem to be ordered by date created or something, with the newest at the bottom (but above the factory lines). Scratch that, I have no idea.

Also if you have tall end caps you can’t see the line in the panel (see pics). This could be an issue with different lines that share end caps.

Also also in the left hand panel of the Edit Lines window the alphabetizing is a bit weird. Lowercase “a” is below uppercase “Z”. Not a complaint, I was just trying to figure out a way to sort the list.

At present there’s no way to influence the order in which items appear in the various Write mode panels, but we’ll certainly consider something like this in future.


Is there anything new since this last post?

Thank you


You can check new features in the Dorico 4 Version history

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