Order of Instruments

(In Setup) is there any way to have Dorico order the instruments by the accepted orchestral convention automatically, please?

The is, if I add a player whose instrument is a cello first; then one whose is a flute, can I avoid having to drag the flute player above the cello in the Players panel at the lhs of Setup and have every instrument ‘snap’ to its correct position vertically?

(I ought to know this… TIA :confused: )


Also, please list instrument in score order, NOT alpha.

So does that mean - from Bill’s post - that I’m not missing something, and that the current way to do it is to drag Players manually?

Yes, indeed.

+1 from me as well; one of the niceties of a certain other program was the automatic ordering of instruments.

I think when you use the templates provided by Dorico, the order is the traditional one, isn’t it ?
And you are right, there is no automatic option for ordering, it could be a nice option to add — when more important stuff has been handled with, of course :wink:

It’s obviously something we do plan to add, including providing a number of different orders following different conventions (e.g. orchestral order is different from band order, which is different from the order used in jazz ensembles, and so on).

Thanks, Daniel!

Notwithstanding, I’m trying to drap instruments and they are in the order I require in the Players window but the order is not changing on the score of the flow in question, e.g. Sop I, Sop II, Alto, Bass, Continuo is ending up Sop I, Alto, Bass, Continuo, Sop II.
What am I doing wrong?

drag… not drab!


You are changing the order in Setup mode, aren’t you?

Long shot: what happens when you put ‘Sop1’ (no space) or ‘Sop_1’ etc?

Just a guess: are you perhaps changing the order of the layouts on the right side rather than the order of the instruments on the left side of setup mode?

I’m not in front of Dorico so I can’t be totally specific here, but go to Layout Options, make sure you’ve got the correct layout selected on the left hand side of the dialog, and then go hunting for the option for Custom Player/Instrument Order. If that’s selected you’ll need to fiddle with the order here rather than in general Setup Mode.