Order of note-in-chord selection reversed?

If I have a dyad selected, and I press the Up arrow, I would expect the selection to move to the upper note (and pressing Down to move the selection to the lower note). But it’s exactly the opposite. Pressing Up gives me the lower note, and vice versa.

I wonder if this is intentional? It always throws me off. Would you consider changing it? Thanks.


Yeah, this trips me up too, but I chalk this up to the concept of “up arrow for moving upwards through the chord” - which makes sense to start from the bottom and proceed upward. If it functioned as you and I think, then up arrow initially selects the top note, but then if you want a middle note, you’re hitting downarrow. We’re essentially thinking of the arrows in two different functions, one after the other. First press for top or bottom, and then subsequent presses for directional movement. I think Dorico is approaching it as one function - directional movement.

Still, as much as that seems logically consistent, I too would prefer the dual function of initial press being to select in the direction of the arrow, and then subsequent presses to be for movement through the chord.

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See also this thread from October 2021.

Sooo basically just the same things we’ve said here. No need to have made a new thread about it!