Order of Updating System - Offline for a year!!

I got new studio equipment about a year ago, and then life and other things happened. I have literally not turned on my system once since May 2019.

My setup is Cubase 10 Pro, a Presonus 1810c sound card , Native Instruments Komplete and keyboard. Windows 10 on an i7 8th gen laptop, 32 GB of RAM, an SSD boot drive, SSD storage drive. My NI software is on a separate external SSD Thunderbolt 3 drive. The Windows version should be whatever version was current last May.

Any advice on the best way or order to handle the many system, software and hardware updates that will flood my system when I go back online? Update Windows first? Don’t update Windows at all? Anything I definitely should or should not do?

I want to install whatever software and hardware updates that will be needed or useful, while avoiding as much trouble as possible.

I’ve read online that I should update my E License software, before updating Cubase.

Thanks for any and all advice. It will be greatly appreciated!!


The main thing you’re going to deal with is updating to Windows 10 v1909. It works fine. And yes, you should definitely update your elicencer software after Windows updates and before starting Cubase. Cubase Pro is now on version 10.5.12. Works great here! So if you want that you’ll have to upgrade. Otherwise you can just keep using Cubase 10 for the time being. But that’s about it?

I would do a couple of backups first though;

  • Create a Windows Restore Point, which might come in handy.
  • Either clone your system drive or create an imaged clone file. I use Macrium Reflect which works really well, though it isn’t necessarily the most “obvious” in terms of user interface.

That way if things go wrong you can get back to where you were and either stay there or try again.

Other than that I agree with Nickel…