ordering a dongle, a online store login issue [RESOLVED]

Some ordering problems:
Tried to order the USB licenser today through the Steinberg online store, and got a message that the product was unavailable in my country (Canada). Does this mean I should go to a reseller with a Canadian address?
Also I re-entered my login credentials, and it is possible that the system is concerned that there are two of me? I thought I’d ask here, since it seems I need to be logged in to the Steinberg store in order to ask about login problems, and you guys have been very helpful in the past (so please forgive me if I seem to take advantage). John B

Sorry you’ve had problems ordering from our online shop. I would recommend you try one of reseller partners in Canada, such as Long & McQuade – I would expect they would be able to provide you with a dongle pretty quickly.

Thanks, Daniel. Long and McQuade indeed!j