Organ bar lines across... ?


When use of Organ instrument,
could we have the possibility to make «bar lines» across all stave!
(I’m organist and have music from several publisher, it looks that both are accepted and used)

the possibility to make «custom» Organ instrument using 4 stave !
This is pretty commun thing in the millieu… useful !

So, thanks in advance.

I love DORICO.


Alain, this is already possible, if you are the adventureous type :slight_smile: It can easily be achieved by modifying one or two files in the Dorico directory, if you are comfortable with editing xml files and familiar with basic programming logic.

It’s not officially supported of course, and may have ramifications beyond what I have experienced so far, incl. possible incompatibility with coming versions of Dorico, so I’m not going to post the solution here. If you are desperate you can send me a PM. Also see my thread on 3 staves for piano, sort of proof that it works :slight_smile: