Organ Registration

Probably for Daniel:
Are there any plans for organ registration in a popover? With playback?
This would be incredible functionality!

Yes, I think it should be possible in the fullness of time to do something with organ registrations as playing techniques mapped via VST Expression Maps. Not likely to happen imminently, however.

I assume most serious organ folks are using Hauptwerk, and are thus managing all registration and combinations there. What we need in Dorico is a way to define Midi playback (KS, Program Change and Controller data) for text expressions, e.g. in order to advance the stepper in HW. Similar to using Data Dumps in Finale.

KS etc. would be generally good for everything. I’m sure this will happen at some point.
I’m not ‘serious’ in the sense of trying to reproduce Messiaen - I’d rather play it! :slight_smile:
I’d mostly use it for organ with other instruments.

I think that we potentially have everything here :
Capture d'écran 2016-12-23 14.49.04.png
to create something like «Great, Swell, Choir…» division and a
list of «Stops names» as «technics» sending midi messages defined into the «Action» window … ?

We also need the possibility to attribute different «chanel» for each staff on a 3 stave organ system !

Would be nice to get comment from the support team on that !


By the way even after reading all about how to integrated VST on the whitelist, I can’t figure how to do that !

Best to all…