Organ VSTI - GSI VB3

Is there anyone using GSI VB3 organ ( with Cubase 8.5 ?
Is it a good choice ?
Thank’s !

Definitely a great choice for that classic Hammond B3 sound. You can’t go wrong for the price. A 64 bit version is available for Windows only. Never had any issues when using on my old Win 7 PC or now on my new Win 10 PC (using since early May 2016) listed in my signature.

I suggest that you download the free trial and check it out (for sound and possible issues) before purchasing.

Have fun

Regards. :sunglasses:

Yeah, it sounds really good. I’m using the 64bit Version.
go for it :slight_smile:

It sounds great, works well and it’s cheap. No reason not to get it.

Thank’s a lot !

I just reinstalled this last evening, and find its not very stable. the x64 version seems to peform intermittently, and I also have 8.5 32 bit installed, and it just squeals when loaded in. It was fine in C7.

Anynone else having these issues?

Win10, using Steinberg UR44, all the latest drivers.

I love this plugin, but its not happening just yet in C8. It works flawlessly in both bit depths of Reaper.