Organise windows functionality issue

Under N4 it was possible to open multiple project windows and select one of three options from the Window menu:

Tile Horizontally
Tile Vertically

Under N5 this rudimentary, but practical, menu has been removed. It appears to have been substituted with the Window/Windows…. organisation tool.

I have tried everything to try and replicate the functionality of the N4 organise windows options, but have failed to. Even if cascade worked that would be something, but it just won’t do anything.

Am i missing something here? Is there somewhere I need to look under N5 to get results with this?

Is there any good reason why the basic three item menu has been removed?

I am wasting way to much time manually arranging windows, it’s wrecking my head completely at this point, the ability to be able to compare multiple projects quickly and easily, and exchange data between them, is vital, there just doesn’t seem to be any sense in removing the original three item menu and replacing it with something that really just obstructs workflow. :cry:

if i remember correctly it was to do with the move to cocoa from carbon. it was quite a while ago.

OK, so it has something to do with MAC UI compatibility then?

it looks like global workspace presets can’t be used to do organise project windows either.

so am i correct in stating that the only way to organise multiple project windows horizontally, vertically, or in cascade, is to do it manually?

An example of why this functionality would be useful is in the case of having different takes, versions, scenes etc.
and having to quickly ascertain what the differences are, without having to bounce all the stuff, and consolidate versions in a single project for review there.

am i doing something wrong in working this way? is there a better way?

Bumping this because i would really like some feedback from a Steinberg rep on this.

Why is the following project window functionality missing?

Tile Horizontally
Tile Vertically

I was once possible to apply this behaviour to multiple project windows.

Now it is not even possible to apply such display behaviour to windows within an active project.

Am I the only one who sees the removal of this set of commands as detrimental to work-flow?