Organization of the mixing table

In the “mixing table”, how is it possible to organize the appearance of the instruments. I’m writing a piece for large orchestra, and, when I want to hear a solo instrument, I must search for it some time in the mixing table before being able to soloize it.

I find it generally more useful to select a few notes of the instrument in question in the score and hit “p” since it kills two birds with one stone - soloes the instrument and starts where I want it to. I also mapped a key command to bring up the instrument plug for the selected stave. Just fwiw


You can also switch to Play mode and look at the track overview, which lists the instruments in their score order, and mute or solo them from there.

Thank you very much. I’ll try it. Could you explain the key command you made (how you did it) and the action it makes?

FranÇois BoHy

Hi @bohy , if you are asking or referring to some user in the Forum, you can make sure that the person will be notified of your question/referring, if you type “@” followed by the user name.

@gdball mentioned two shortucts:

  • the shortcut P, to playback starting from the selection, and playing back only one staff if you select more than one note/chord in it. This shortcut is already present as Default in Dorico.

  • to create the other shortcut (visualise the VST plugin window), I made a visual explanation of how to create it (here below, follow the numbers) from the Dorico Preferences windows. When you are done, you can then select something on a staff in Write mode, or a track in Play mode, press your shortcut, and the plugin window will appear :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I’ll use that short cut as soon as I come back to my work.
Thanks again.

FranÇois BoHy