Organized Trio

Hi Guys. Total Newbie here - looking for some help.

I’m using Cubase Elements 8, and until recently had happily been using the Organized Trio organ plugin. For some reason in the last few days, it’s started to behave weirdly.

The volume on the vst itself (not the mixer) turns itself down to being barely audible. I physically turn it up, press play and it’s fine, until I press stop or rewind, at which point it resets itself to being barely on again. Even when I turn it up again and go to export the project to a WAV - the WAV has no audible organ sound as it’s turned itself down again. It’s not limited to a certain preset - it happens on all of them. I’ve deleted it from my plugins, downloaded the latest version again - still does the same. It seems that any click of the mouse triggers the vst to lower it’s volume??!!

It’s driving me mad. Any help really would be appreciated.

A suggestion…

First. make sure you do not have some kind of automation track (it might be hidden) that is running the volume. Try loading a different vst to see if it does the same.

I love Organized Trio (OT) and was using it for quite a while. I even donated the $15 (or whatever it was). Anyway, it finally crapped out (the trouble started with doing things similar to what you described) and there really is no support for it. Luckily (with the help of this forum) it was suggested that I look at the software VB3. It’s the real paid for full version of OT. I purchased it and have never looked back. It works perfectly on my PC.

Check it out here. Try the trial version to make sure it works good before you purchase the paid version. For windows (only) they offer a 64 bit version (which I think is part of the issue with OT). Also, I asked Guido (the developer) if it was compatible with windows 10. He states he is testing it now.

Good luck. Again, this is my go to organ sound. I love it. :smiley:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hey - thanks for getting back to me. I’ll give those tips a try tonight when i get home from work. One thing I did notice, and has suddenly occurred to me today - I borrowed a friends Novation Impulse 25 a few days ago, to see if i would benefit from getting one - figured I don’t need it and gave it back. Now in the menu though, i see a Novation Automap, which i can’t find a way of deleting. I was wondering if that might have affected things. I’m not big on controllers - they tend to confuse the hell out of me! I’ll have to look into that as well.

Thanks again for posting.