Organizing and saving

How would you recommend doing regarding saving/organising folders in this scenario. I want to have a project in VST live that will be a show with 3 sets. (about 30 songs). I have the backing tracks as separate projects in cubase. So I create a new project in VST live, and in the folder for that project, would you export all the songs media project files from cubase into that project folder?

Another question: Lets say I have a complete project in VST live with all the songs. Then, later, I for example change something on a track in CUBASE for one of the songs, and I now want to have the changed track in VST live too. How do I replace just that track with the fresh one? Do I have to export a new media project from cubase? Is there some way to just replace one of the tracks?

It depends.
Media Events in VST Live keep a reference (path) to the original file. As long as these files exist, you would not need to copy those, for instance

  • my vstl folder
  • my cubase folder
    • audio/my wave file.wav

VST Live will find the file in the cubase/audio folder.

But there is the danger that when you move or delete either folder, the file cannot be found anymore.
If the file cannot be found, VST Live will search the according assets folders next to the .vlprj project file. So you could also copy my wave file.wav to project/audio, it should find it then.

IMHO, as long as no massive file sizes (like video, or lots of audio) are involved, it’s best to just have it copy files.