Organizing, comping and tempo fix big orchestral recording session.

Hi guys!, so I’m here a bit clueless on how to approach this for the first time, so any advice will be more than welcomed!.

So, I have a big session (all the usual orchestral instruments), plus different mics, and mic positions, and multiple takes for different parts of the arrangement.

The recording was done on a PT session, but I’m a Cubase user :wink:
But the audios are decently named and organized so I went and created tracks for each instrument and synced all the takes, so that’s fine.

Now…what i would like to do (or what I think i would like to do) is basically organize those takes into lanes so I can do comping and tempo fixes and so on…problem is, there are a lot of takes and a lot of tracks, I can’t just go and manually do this…or it would take an ridiculous amount of time.

How should I approach this?

Thanks a lot!

Well, I actually ended aligning the takes to their proper positions and then right click on the track -> clean up lanes, and works quite nicely.
I wasn’t very obvious but it did the trick :wink: