Organizing files Cubase on Mac

I myself work on PC with Cubase. I help a friend who works on Mac. Quite different, as Mac is not native for me.
When you start an empty song on PC, and ‘Prompt for project location’ you just make a new folder and EVERYTHING automatically will be directed to that folder. cpr, audio, waveforms.
On Mac however, it’s an ordeal to make a new folder, as it will not be placed in the subfolder you create/select. It will still be created one level higher. Also you still have to ‘set record folder’ or the audio will also be placed one level above your subfolder or in an ‘untitled’ folder. We just couldn’t find what the problem is.
Can’t find an instruction either. Is it a basic difference in approach Mac vs PC???

It works similar to the Windows environment.
If you choose a project folder everything gets copied in it.

Creating a new project on my Mac works exactly the way you describe it on Windows… I select a folder, Cubase creates everything it needs to inside that folder including all the backups, the Audio folder, everything…