Organizing Installed VST's: Can you just "hide" the duplicates?

When installing some VST’s, I accidentally installed multiple, probably unneeded versions of the same plug-ins. (Ex. 2 VSTi’s: One x86 or 64bit & the same but 32bit) . Instead of uninstalling the unneeded versions, can you just hide/remove them from the “VST Settings/Preferences”, so then those ones wont show up in the list of ‘effects’ or ‘virtual instruments’ ? (Random side question: From the “preferences” can you organize the lists of VST/VSTi’s to how you want them to show up and be categorized?)

Yes, if Cubase can’t find them it won’t see 'em.

Not Preferences. But you can create various Collections of Plugins arranged how you like by using Studio>VST Plugin Manager…

In addition to what raino said, if you’re not organizing custom menus, you can just find the VST2 versions in Plugin Manager, select on you want to hid, and click the Hide box in its information. I always do this with VST2 versions when I have the VST3 versions. (I do keep VST2 versions of some plugins for compatibility with past projects and some programs that don’t support VST3 yet, at least in the versions I’m running.)

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Sounds good, thanks

awesome, that really helps too… thanks