Organizing patches with samples!!


I’ve just got a new sample pack which contains some Halion .fxp patches, but each time I try to load one of the programs it asks me for the directory of the wav sample, even when I try and load the same program again it does not remember where the wav is.

Also when saving a program how do I ensure the wav is with the progam, sorry if this might be obvious and I don’t see it, but in kontakt it is very clear where you have the option to ‘save patch + sample’.



If you load a patch where the sample location cannot be found, point Halion to the location where the sample does exist and verify the correct sample has been properly loaded. After this, click the small diskette icon in the program list on the bottom right hand side of the main Halion window and it will save the updated information, which in this case will be the missing samples location. The next time you load said patch, it should load the correct sample and no longer complain about it being missing.

If you would like to save the program with the corresponding sample WAV file, right click on the desired portion and choose export program as VST preset with samples.

Thanks a lot mate, that is just what I was looking for . . happy new year to you!!!